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  • Know Your Chemicals - A Guide To Commercial Cleaning Chemicals

    Outstanding standards of hygiene and cleanliness should not solely be the preserve of high-end restaurants. Commercial and industrial premises, by their very nature, experience high traffic, with staff coming to work and customers arriving from any number of different places. Without a clean environment, there is a significant risk of illness or infection that could [ . ]

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Footwear At Work

    Looking after our feet is one of the most important things we can do to take care of our health in the long run. The better condition your feet are in, the longer you'll be up and about well into old age. Wearing the right shoes for your job is the first point of call [ . ]

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  • How Supplying Employees With Appropriate Workwear Will Help Productivity

    Appropriate workwear is essential to productivity, providing not only the right professional look, but also the comfort and to ensure that your employees are both productive and safe.
    Comfort In The Workplace
    Comfort is vital when considering uniforms and workwear. Clothing that is restrictive or uncomfortable to wear can lead to a reduction in productivity. For your [ . ]

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  • Welcome to the UK Commercial Supplies Blog

    It’s important for any business to keep their clients in the loop if they wish to foster any kind of lasting relationship with them. Since day one, the team here at UK Commercial Supplies has been committed to providing our customers with a genuine insight into the work we do on a day-to-day basis.
    In doing [ . ]

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