February 2021

  1. A Guide to Facemasks

    We are all getting used to wearing facemasks these days. Not only do they help protect us from contracting Covid19, but also protect others if we are carrying the virus. However, people sometimes question whether they are wearing the right one and if it offers them the best protection? So to answer a few of those questions, here is a...
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  2. How to Keep your Business Safe from Covid-19

    Covid-19 is still significantly altering our everyday lives. It is vital for businesses to keep themselves as safe as possible. This can be a challenge with things changing daily but there are items available to assist with keeping you, your employees and your customers safe. Cleaning One of the easiest but most instrumental methods is continued disinfecting of surfaces and...
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  3. Keeping Safe During Work

    For most businesses, this year has seen many changes and challenges. Offices have had to navigate moving their workforce to home working and retail and hospitality staff have had to implement new procedures, reconfigure their premises and adapt to a new way of serving customers. One thing every business has had to get used to is the need to protect...
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