Coronavirus has created a deadly pandemic, the virus affects the lungs and immune system, however, because it is a new virus, new problems are being discovered almost daily. Viruses are notoriously difficult to cure completely as they mutate and adapt. To give some perspective - there is still no cure for the flu. The best way to curb the pandemic, therefore, is prevention and to achieve this, correct PPE is crucial.


The most important PPE to own is a mask, although there IS scientific debate around who a mask actually protects (the wearer or others,) there is no denying that if masks are worn by the majority, the prevalence of the virus will be minimised. There are many kinds of masks, including FFP3 masks, full-face visors, cloth masks and KN95 masks, all easily available at UK Commercial Supplies.

Cloth masks are made from reusable and breathable fabrics that are recommended by the government and scientific experts. These masks are breathable and can be worn by children if sized correctly, they can be found at UK Commercial Supplies. These fitted masks are an eco-friendly option that supports the environment while combatting the pandemic.

The full-face visors are also reusable and protect against nasal droplets. This is ideal in the current climate as covid-19 is transferred through such droplets.

The KN95 masks are a great preventive choice and highly sought after as they filter out a minimum of 95% of particles. These advantages have made them scarce, but they can still be found at UK Commercial Supplies.

It is important to use masks correctly, placing them snugly over the nose and mouth. Do not touch the front of the mask once worn.

After removal, wash hands thoroughly or clean hands with a hand sanitiser that contains alcohol, this will help prevent the spread of viruses such as the coronavirus. All PPE needed for preventive measures can be found at UK Commercial Supplies.