Covid-19 is still significantly altering our everyday lives. It is vital for businesses to keep themselves as safe as possible. This can be a challenge with things changing daily but there are items available to assist with keeping you, your employees and your customers safe.


One of the easiest but most instrumental methods is continued disinfecting of surfaces and spaces used frequently. For this to happen smoothly and be easy for everyone involved it will be helpful to have a plan of where to clean and a rota if these duties are shared. The right cleaning supplies for the job are also essential. This includes the chemicals and the hardware such as mop heads or cloths.

If you have customers coming into your workplace then your plan needs to allow for this. It may be sensible to frequently clean those areas touched a lot, such as door handles, baskets and card machines. Those areas with lots of traffic (customers or employees) should have sanitising wipes and alcohol-based hand sanitisers, such as those available from UK Commercial Supplies.


Whether your workplace is open only to employees or customers too, it is important to consider social distancing. Are desks spaced far enough apart? If they are not, can they be moved or can there be a rota for time spent in the office with the rest working at home? If it is open to customers then limit the number allowed in at one time to ensure distances can be respected. By providing a supply of masks you can ensure all staff and customers can keep safe even if they have forgotten theirs. If the business is retail or requires members of the public to enter then place markers on the floor to remind them of the need to distance and ensure clear signage is visible at all times.

The help and support is out there to ensure your business can survive and even thrive in this current environment.