For most businesses, this year has seen many changes and challenges. Offices have had to navigate moving their workforce to home working and retail and hospitality staff have had to implement new procedures, reconfigure their premises and adapt to a new way of serving customers.

One thing every business has had to get used to is the need to protect both their employees and their customers. This has included offering hand sanitiser at entrances, ensuring masks are worn and making sure social distancing is possible.

Hand Gel

When choosing a hand gel for business use, ensure it is an alcohol-based gel, as this is the most effective way to kill germs, bacteria and viruses. These hand gels also contain a moisturising component, so are not unpleasant to use and are available in 5 litre containers, so perfect for refilling pump systems or as single use containers for working environments with fewer people.

Face Masks

The high street has seen face masks in every size, shape and colour hitting the shelves, however, there are differences in the effectiveness of masks. If you run a business that requires your staff to come into contact with either each other, or customers, it is essential to invest in quality face coverings. There are several high spec masks available including the KN95/P2 respirator face mask, which is particularly useful if working with chemicals, dust or in process manufacturing. Alternatively, the disposable mouth guard which protects the wearer from inhaling airborne particles. This mask comes with elasticated ear straps, so is comfortable to wear and covers both the nose and mouth, while still enabling the wearer to breathe.

For those who want to wear something that is a bit more aesthetically pleasing, the quality washable masks have a soft comfortable ear strap, are handmade with double stitching and double lining and are available in black, pink or purple.