There are a number of ways in which you can help keep your employees safe during the current pandemic - from hand gels and face masks, to sanitiser stations and full-body coveralls.

With COVID-19 unlikely to be disappearing anytime soon, these extra measures can be put in place to help minimise spread of the virus and to offer a sense of security for staff members.

PPE has become a staple part of the uniform in many UK businesses since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March and the demand for these types of products is very high.

Whether your employees are wearing disposable items or you are looking for a more permanent solution with reusable PPE, finding the right products for your business is crucial to ensure a safe environment in which to continue working.

Keeping your employees safe

Making sure the basics, including alcohol hand gels and disposable face masks are readily available, is key in providing a safe workplace and limiting transmission of the virus; with more substantial equipment, such as hand sanitising stations or UV Deep Clean Stations helping to provide businesses with a more thorough and long-term solution to preventing virus transmission.

Floor stickers enforcing a one-way system in your business can help to minimise contact amongst employees and ensure that the recommended two-metre social-distancing measures are adhered to; and protective screens can help protect employees from coughs and sneezes which spread the virus from infected people via liquid droplets from the mouth or nose.

UK Commercial Supplies can provide your business with a variety of products which will help employees adhere to the Government's latest guidelines for Coronavirus.

The COVID-19 products mentioned can be found right here on the UK Commercial Supplies website, together with a wide range of other products for you to order online, making purchasing items to keep your employees safe much easier.