There's nothing worse than dirty windows. They give a bad impression before you even get to the door! That being said, getting your windows sparkling clean with no streaks isn't difficult at all. A bit of elbow grease and a few quality products and the end result can look as if you've hired professionals. A good window cleaning spray works well for light stains and smears on internal windows that need a quick freshen up.

External windows are a different matter. The extremes of weather, car exhausts fumes, not to mention mould and mildew which settle in the edges of window frames, all mean it's pretty important that we get our windows sparkling not only to look good but also to keep them in top condition and save the cost of early replacement.

Traditional methods to clean windows

So here goes, the traditional window cleaners clean! Firstly, a workman needs good tools. You will need a rectangular bucket (a round one won't fit your applicators), a squeegee, microfibre cloths, a window cleaning applicator and cleaning fluid. Now you're ready to go.

First, get a microfibre cloth very wet and go over all the window frames, paying particular attention to the grime and algae that accumulates around the window seal. Get rid of particularly difficult marks, such as bird poop, and then thoroughly dry with a dry micro cloth. Next, get your applicator very wet in the soapy water and clean all over your window thoroughly and then go over the entire window with your squeegee. Next up, take your dry micro cloth and go over the window again until it is bone dry, getting into all the corners.

There you have it, squeaky clean windows. Everything you need can be found here on the UK Commercial website alongside many other helpful products. All you need to provide is the elbow grease!