The Ultimate Guide To Footwear At Work


Looking after our feet is one of the most important things we can do to take care of our health in the long run. The better condition your feet are in, the longer you'll be up and about well into old age. Wearing the right shoes for your job is the first point of call to ensure happy, healthy feet.

Comfort and Style

We all want to be comfortable at work. It helps us think better and work harder, and there is no need to sacrifice comfort for safety as there are a variety of durable shoes out there that are designed to fit your foot perfectly. For farm work, for example, you may want to wear waterproof boots, and you should look for steel-toed versions with a soft rubber outer. These will stay comfortable over many hours, protect you from falling debris and keep your toes dry.

While safety, comfort and practicality are high on the shopping list when looking for new work shoes, style is also a consideration for many of us. When we meet clients for the first time, even if we're on the job, we want to look smart and presentable. Thankfully there are plenty of steel-capped leather boots out there with smart and streamlined designs which will easily take you from the yard to the office, safely and stylishly!


If you're doing heavy work of any kind, you need steel toecaps. These can protect your feet from terrible injuries that can put you out of action for months. Another safety aspect you may not have considered, however, is whether your footwear is slip resistant. If you're working in wet, icy or muddy areas you need shoes with a good grip to keep you upright.

Whatever footwear you're looking for, remember that you don't always have to compromise on comfort, style and safety.

Tony Earnshaw