The majority of hazards are easy enough to avoid with a little bit of forward planning. Trips and falls in the workplace can cost firms a great deal of money and time associated with an incident as well as the recovery time for the unfortunate member of staff who has been injured. Here are some ways to prevent incidents such as trips and falls occurring.

Weather Conditions

It can be easy to fall in the entrance to a workplace due to outside weather conditions. This is especially the case in a highly polished reception area. Make sure that in icy conditions, the area around the car park is well gritted in advance. This will avoid trips and falls on the way into the workplace.

If it is snowing, it is a good idea to shovel snow into one area if you have a large enough outside space. Leaves can also be a danger in autumn, especially once they are wet. Use a shovel or rake to eliminate this problem wherever possible.


If water has been brought into the workplace on staff members' shoes, or if an area has just been mopped, use brightly coloured signs to warn people of the risk of slipping over and thus reduce the risk of an incident. Bright colours can be seen from quite a distance so even if people are unsure as to exactly what the hazard is from several feet away, they will know there is one and begin to take precautions subconsciously.

If all else fails, there is also the trusty first aid kit that can help to get people back on their feet following minor incidents. For anything more serious, call 999 and never move anyone if there is the remotest possibility of neck or back injury.

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