Top Tips for Cleaning Glass Walls in an Office

Glass walls create a fresh, modern and vibrant environment for an office and are a firm favourite with many businesses. Keeping them free from dust, fingerprint smudges and grubby marks is essential to ensure your premises look welcoming and inviting to clients and visitors.

A regular cleaning routine is essential and glass walls ideally should be cleaned twice a week, if not more. They are more difficult to maintain than regular walls, and yet ensuring a good first impression is essential. Schedule a thorough clean into your office calendar mid-week, then again on a Friday afternoon when staff leave for the weekend. Remember to pay attention to both sides of the wall, as neglecting one side will leave the whole wall looking as though it has not been cleaned. Fingerprints, adhesive marks, dust and smudges will otherwise linger.

Choose the Correct Cleaning Fluids

It's important to choose the correct cleaning fluids as using the wrong solutions can have a detrimental effect on the glass and can even result in scratches and stains. There are plenty of solutions designed specifically for treating glass now available on the market. Many companies opt for an environmentally friendly product as they can have fewer side effects and bolster the organisation's eco-credentials.

Only Display Essential Material on the Walls

Management and employees can do their bit to ensure the office space is kept in excellent condition and that means avoiding sticking posters and other work-related notices to the glass surface. It is tempting to tape team photographs, post-it notes, calendars, or holiday postcards to the glass surface. However, staff must ensure they use the correct adhesives if they require the use of the glass walls. Using an appropriate adhesive, and only displaying essential materials will keep the glass wall looking at its best for longer.

Companies such as UK Commercial Supplies provide a wide range of cleaning supplies and products for your office, ensuring your workspace remains warm, welcoming and clean for clients and customers.