Workwear to Keep Your Staff Warm

We are now heading into the deep midwinter and while many of us would rather stay at home in the warm, work must go on. It is an employer's job to make sure that their employees are protected from winter hazards and especially winter temperatures. When a workers' body overheats or cools down, they will lose concentration and motivation to carry on. Making sure that your staff are correctly dressed for the weather will keep your business in good shape through to the spring.

A layer system will provide a comfortable level of warmth for workers who spend time in colder conditions.

Base Layer

The first layer should be close fitting to move sweat away from the skin, keeping it dry and warm. Staff can try layering a cotton t-shirt, a polo shirt, or a long-sleeved work shirt with something thermal over the top - fleece jackets, a sweater, or in a more informal workplace, a hooded sweatshirt.

They could even add a boiler suit underneath their usual workwear if they feel the chill more than others, because layering is important. Warm air will be trapped underneath the loose t-shirt or polo shirt, while the fleece or jacket will provide thermal warmth to match. These will move excess moisture away from the body.

Outer Layer

Our outerwear comes in a variety of styles that are designed for specific work environments. A jacket or bomber will keep staff warm and dry in rain, snow, or even a harsh winter wind. Fully waterproof jackets would be best for those out and about, and a high-visibility jacket will keep staff safe during the long, dark evenings.

Don't let the weather slow your business down over the winter. Be prepared and make sure your workforce have the correct garments to cope. Neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night should stop your workers from being warm, motivated, and safe this winter.