With Covid-19 looking like it's here to stay for the timebeing at least, it's good to be prepared and stock up on some products that could potentially save lives. Whether you run an office or a shop, you are a teacher or a cleaner, or if you simply want to get hold of the gear you need to go about your daily activities in safety, we have everything you should need to ensure that you are as protected as can be during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus products on sale

As we all know, 'hands, face and space' are the key factors to consider when trying to stop the spread of germs. With this in mind, we sell hand gel/sanitiser, safety specs, full face visors, washable and disposable face coverings as well as hospital-grade overalls, aprons, latex gloves and face masks.

What's more, in order to maintain that safe distance of two metres, we have a range of floor, wall and window stickers reminding people to keep a safe space apart and adhere to a one-way system, if applicable, as well as protective screens for workers coming face-to-face with customers.

Sanitising stations and soap dispensers are also available at our shop, along with digital, contact-free thermometers, perfect for checking the temps of staff as they begin their shift.

Cleaning surfaces, of course, is just as important as cleaning hands because scientists believe that particles of the Covid-19 strain of disease can live on certain surfaces for up to 72 hours. In order to help you disinfect the spaces that you, co-workers and customers come into contact with, we offer bleach spray and wipes, a handheld mist sprayer device plus large fogger, as well as polypropylene pedal bins for your waste products. UV intensity stickers, deep cleaning systems and disinfection robotic lamps can have a huge impact on ridding spaces with potentially harmful germs.