Should you Bulk Buy Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies?

Buying cleaning and janitorial products in bulk can be a great solution for many firms but it isn't the best option for everybody. Here we look at the advantages and disadvantages to bulk buying to help work out if it's the right choice for you.

Storage & Usage

A primary consideration when thinking about bulk buying is the storage space available to keep additional products. Limited storage space will naturally limit the quantity of cleaning products you can purchase. If you have a large amount of storage space, then bulk buying can be an excellent way to ensure that you always have the right products at the best price. Bulk buying could still be an option if you have a modest amount of space as you can prioritise the products you use most. In fact, this can be a sensible way to manage your cleaning supplies.

The type of environment being cleaned will also affect how much of each product is required. For example, in a medical or food preparation area, the cleaning is also for hygiene reasons. In these cases, it would not be possible to wait for a new delivery if a cleaning product ran out and bulk buying would help guard against such an issue.


Bulk buying products normally results in a significantly better price as discounts will be available. However, the cash flow of your business would need to allow for a higher initial outlay. This is not possible for some companies, particularly smaller ones and so careful consideration needs to be given to whether a large order is financially viable. If finances are not suitable for a large bulk order, then it may be necessary to accept a slightly higher cost per item and buy products as they are required.

Whatever works best for your business in terms of buying in bulk, UK Commercial Supplies have the perfect products for you, all at highly competitive prices.